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author: Louise O'Connor

Following the Government’s decision to suspend gender pay gap reporting in 2020, and the first half of the reporting period of 2021, Tuesday, 5 October marks the deadline for qualifying employers to report their figures. Despite heralding much optimism upon its introduction several years ago and following the recent period of stagnation, which implied it had in lowered priority, observers are now questioning whether the initiative is sufficient to bring about real change in closing the gender pay gap.

As a senior executive contemplating a move, how to protect your equity should be at the forefront of your mind in terms of optimising your strategy before you officially resign.

Whilst the timing of a resignation will usually be contingent on multiple factors, it is vital that Senior Executives do not act in haste when tendering their resignation.

Opportunities are opening up for senior executives as the UK labour market continues to recover, aided by the relaxation of most Coronavirus restrictions. As a result, many senior executives will either be contemplating a strategic move or facing a possible exit from their current role as a result of restructuring, as companies re-position to take advantage of changes in their sector. In this alert, Partner Merrill April and Associate Louise O’Connor discuss 5 top tips for senior executives to consider when making a strategic move.

During a period where people have experienced multiple lockdowns, separated from their friends and families, the one constant for some has been work, often working remotely from their own homes. In a time where, despite the isolation, many employees may grow closer to their colleagues, employers will be considering the ramifications of workplace romances and questioning what action, if any, they need to take.

The pressures on workers with family carer responsibilities has never been higher, and the need for employers to acknowledge and support those workers never more urgent.

Since gender pay gap reporting became mandatory for large employers in 2017, the average GPG for full time employees has marginally reduced year on year from 18.4% to an estimated 15.5% in 2020.

England is currently enduring a third national lockdown that has been in operation since 6 January 2021. On 27 January the Prime Minister announced that the current measures will remain in place at least until 8 March, after which date the “economic and social restrictions” may be eased.

In a time when businesses are increasingly cash conscious, and tough decisions are being made with respect to redundancies, discretionary payments and performance issues, it is more vital than ever that senior executives conduct themselves appropriately and do not jeopardise their position. In this alert, we consider the importance of senior executives leading by example […]

We recently published a news alert highlighting the most common queries we have been receiving from senior executives in the current climate, one of which was “how can exiting senior executives protect their equity interests?” For a senior executive or partner who is facing an exit from the workplace, whether by reason of redundancy, retirement or otherwise, a […]