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author: Pia Sanchez

Domestic abuse hit the headlines in 2020 as reported incidence spiked to 2.4 million, with the United Nations declaring it an emergency. In January 2021, Business Minister Paul Scully made a ‘call to action’ to all UK employers to do more to help their colleagues who may be the victims of domestic abuse. 

You have received a positive pregnancy result and you are delighted.  Your boss however seems less than thrilled to hear the news that you are an expectant mother. 

The eighth session was an interesting discussion about whether international whistleblowing laws go far enough to protect and encourage the principled executive, and how they can best manage the potential legal, regulatory and reputational risks of blowing the whistle on wrongdoing in corporate and public life.

HR issues have the power to make or break a business. For example, if an employer handles negative cases well and admits their failings they will likely be seen more positively, however, if a business is unable to bounce back following the negative press it can ultimately lead to a company’s demise. Last year Lloyd’s […]

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Extension Update

Positive Action under the Equality Act 2010: The Case of Furlong v Chief Constable of Cheshire Police

The Government announced on 31 October 2020 that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) also known as the ‘furlough scheme’, would be extended until 2 December 2020.  The Job Support Scheme (JSS) which had intended to replace the CJRS has now been postponed. It is expected that the JSS will replace the CJRS when it […]

In this second video of our Positive Action Series, our Senior Consultant Pia Sanchez and Associate Pooja Dasgupta explain the tie breaker exemption under Section 159 of the Equality Act 2010, which enables employers to take positive action for the recruitment and promotion of disadvantaged groups that share a protected characteristic, including where their participation as a group is disproportionately low.

We are delighted to bring you the recording of this expert discussion on Mergers in the Time of Coronavirus and Beyond. The Chair and the Managing Partner of the recently merged law firm Moore Barlow LLP joined our panel of legal and management experts to share their commercial, legal and practical advice for professional services […]

An Overview of Positive Action under the Equality Act 2010