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Clare Murray Article published in CIPA Managing Exiting Partners Softening the Blow For Exiting Partners There is never a good time to exit a fellow partner. However, now more than ever, senior management are having to take tough decisions to address issues of long-term partner underperformance and to restructure the partnership to ensure the long-term […]

Clare Murray Article published in CIPA Key issues to consider when updating partnership agreements A number of firms have been revisiting and updating their partnership or LLP agreements recently, having discovered that those agreements do not provide adequate powers to deal with underperforming partners or sufficient protection against former partners moving to a competitor and […]

Clare Murray and Charis Damiano Background checks in the UK: Understanding the Transatlantic difference Published in www.expertguides.com While it is routine in the USA to conduct background checks on potential new employees, this is not common practice in the UK, except in certain limited sectors and roles. Often US employers come up against problems if […]