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author: Andrew Pavlovic

We are delighted to share with you the recording of our recent webinar ‘SRA Sexual Misconduct Guidance – What Lawyers and Firms Need to Know’ . The panel discussion includes a detailed analysis of the key areas in the SRA guidance: When does the threshold for self-reporting apply?   The SRA’s view on the influence of […]

Failure to consider regulatory issues at an early stage when mulling a merger can result in fundamental SRA Principles and Rules relating to confidentiality and conflicts of interest being infringed, leading to potential SRA investigations and disciplinary sanctions. In this article, first published by The Law Society Gazette, regulatory and professional discipline Partner, Andrew Pavlovic, […]

These are the top 15 practical things that – in our experience – partners in law firms can do to protect themselves against allegations of sexual misconduct, and the internal and regulatory investigations, and potential harm to their reputation, career, family life, and more, that can result. This follows the SRA’s recently published Guidance on […]

Yesterday, 22nd September 2022, the Government published the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill. If passed, this will overhaul Companies House and the processes of registering companies, LLPs and limited partnerships. Objectives include tackling, in the Government’s words, “dirty money” flowing through the UK. The key LLP and partnership proposals include: All LLP members will […]

SRA Sexual Misconduct Guidance – What Lawyers and Firms Need to Know – Webinar – Friday, 7 October 2022, 9.00 am – 10.00 am BST

The guidance sets out the SRA’s revised approach to sexual misconduct cases following the High Court’s decision in Beckwith at the end of 2020, where the Court warned the SRA against being “dogmatic” and holding out solicitors as “paragons of virtue”, making clear that the SRA should only be investigating and prosecuting cases where the conduct in question realistically touches on the standing of the legal profession.

How successfully an employer manages hybrid working going forward, at a time when skills are in short supply, will be core to attracting skilled talent. In this article, Partners Emma Bartlett and Andrew Pavlovic consider what employees appear to be expecting, whether such expectations are both realistic and sustainable, and how employers can manage those […]

On 23 May 2022, the Solicitors Regulation Authority published its response and final position following its consultation on financial penalties. Most of the press coverage of the response has focused on the SRA’s decision to increase its internal fining powers from £2,000 to £25,000, a change enthusiastically approved by the government. However, there has been […]

A number of recent scandals have put the role of GCs and in-house Counsel in the spotlight, raising the difficult question as to how GCs can manage the tension between their obligations to act in the best interests of their employer and their regulatory duties. Following the recent 3rd IFSEA International Conference on Risk, Reward and […]

In this article, recently published in the New Law Journal, our regulatory and professional discipline partner, Andrew Pavlovic, considers the issues raised by the SRA’s current focus on workplace culture, looking at both the guidance/thematic Review on workplace environments and the consultation on health and wellbeing at work, and what this focus on culture means for firms.