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author: Corinne Staves

Getting Law Firm Mergers Right: In-Person PPA Event – 29 November 2023

A new economic crime levy is payable by firms with turnover over £10.2m. The deadline for registration and the first annual payment is 30 September 2023, after which, it will be payable on an annual basis, provided the firm is still liable to pay. In this alert, non-contentious partnership law Partner, Corinne Staves, provides an overview […]

This article was first published in Solicitors Journal on 4 July 2023. An international merger can create a sensational headline when two prominent global law firms join forces or when two single-jurisdiction firms merge to expand their reach or safeguard their operations, such as IP firms seeking a presence in continental Europe after Brexit. Nonetheless, […]

As 2023 progresses, the trend for law firm merger activity seems set to continue. Whether you are two elite global law firms planning a transatlantic tie-up, or a well-established national firm looking to implement your growth strategy through the acquisition of successfully smaller practices, the process is remarkably similar. Remember, a merger is a means […]

We are delighted to share with you the recording of our recent webinar, ‘Is Your Firm prepared for the Financial Year Ahead? Key Trends and Challenges for Professional Services Firms in 2023/24’, in which our expert panel discuss the financial year ahead for professional services firms. In this webinar, you can hear from Chair, Corinne Staves (CM Murray LLP), and speakers Robert […]

We are delighted to present this podcast focusing on trends in international law firm expansion, with Partners Corinne Staves and Zulon Begum and special guest, Robert Bata, Founder and Principal of WarwickPlace Legal. In this detailed Q&A led by Corinne, with leading experts Robert and Zulon, the fascinating and wide-ranging discussion covers (among other things): Recent trends in law firm international expansion Liberalisation […]

We are delighted to welcome Alex Conway, tax partner at Crowe, as a guest speaker for this discussion on Basis Period Reform changes. In this discussion, Alex along with Partners Corinne Staves and Zulon Begum, demystify the basis period reform changes and outline the practical implications for partners and firms. In this wide-ranging discussion, they explore: The increased cash pressures on […]

Is Your Firm Prepared for the Financial Year Ahead? Key Trends & Challenges for Professional Services Firms in 2023/4 | Professional Practices Alliance Webinar | 25 May 2023 | 9.00 am – 10.00 am BST

In this article, first published by The Law Society Gazette, Partners Corinne Staves and Andrew Pavlovic set out what law firms need to think about before rejecting clients on ethical grounds. Recently we have seen some members of the bar pledge that they will not act against peaceful climate activists or for new fossil fuel projects. They argue the climate […]

This article was first published in Law360 on March 24 2023. Since the launch late last year of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, there have been numerous articles asking whether it or other forms of artificial intelligence will replace the need for lawyers, or even put them out of business altogether. In response to this […]