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IFSEA Podcast: How can a Senior Executive Rebuild their Reputation After Facing Public Allegations of Wrongdoing?

This podcast brings you highlights from the session How can a Senior Executive Rebuild their Reputation After Facing Public Allegations of Wrongdoing? at the International Conference on Risk, Reward & Reputation Management Issues for Senior Executives & Founders on 4 February 2020 in London.

Moderator Gus Sellitto (Byfield Consultancy, UK) and panellists Danny J. Kaufer (Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Canada), Claire Gill (Carter-Ruck, UK), Brian J. MacDonough (Sherin and Lodgen LLP, USA) and Kate Beioley (Financial Times, UK) provide top tips for how Senior Executives and Founders can protect and restore their brand and reputation following a reputation-threatening crisis, such as allegations of serious wrongdoing, including:

Follow the rules of engagement – the importance of planning ahead and taking all necessary steps to check that the story being put together is factually accurate, including engaging with journalists and putting them on notice of accurate facts, and ensuring that the senior executive/company concerned plays a part in shaping a consistent narrative.

Get ahead of the story – to have a better chance of receiving fair coverage and shortening the story’s lifespan, where possible, avoid playing play catch up once a story has broken.

Be proactive, not reactive – respond to allegations in a timely manner, but remember to avoid knee-jerk reactions and to take time out to devise an appropriate strategy that considers the increased use of social media and associated dangers.

• Hold your hands up – transparency and honesty are key to dealing with and moving past a crisis situation. Come up with a coherent and consistent narrative across all publications and remember, there’s no “one size fits all” approach.

Looking back on 2019 – the key reputation risks faced by senior executives operating internationally over the past year, including confidential data theft, sexual harassment and cyber hacks.

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