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What are the Best Mediation Strategies for Resolving Executive & Founder Disputes? – IFSEA Webinar Recording

We are delighted to share with you the recording of our recent IFSEA webinar, ‘What are the Best Mediation Strategies for Resolving Executive & Founder Disputes?‘ where our internationally renowned panellists explored how different jurisdictions approach the mediation of disputes between key corporate players and executives.

In this webinar, chair Peter Rukin (Partner, Rukin Hyland & Riggin LLP & Mediator, Sequitur Resolutions – San Francisco), Jane Mulcahy KC & Ian Mill KC (Blackstone Chambers – UK), Lynne Hermle (Partner, Orrick – Silicon Valley), Ana Cid (Partner, Seyfarth – New York/London) and Yulia Fedorenko (Associate, CM Murray LLP – UK) discuss the following in respect of their jurisdictions:

• How has the perception of mediation changed in the last 20 years?

• Faster resolutions: Mediation as a more rapid alternative to lengthy court proceedings, particularly in cases involving senior executives and founders.

• Innovative problem solving: Bringing key stakeholders together to foster unconventional solutions that parties may not have otherwise considered – particularly effective when parties are open to mediate but not to negotiate.

• Balancing styles of mediation: The most successful mediators tend to vary between evaluative (common in the US) and facilitative (more UK-centric) in their style, assessing issues while guiding resolutions.

• What are the key traits that make a successful mediator?

• Tailored solutions: Unlocking unique remedies normally unattainable through the courts, such as apologies, policy shifts, and relationship mending.

• The importance of preparation and exploring sensitivities, insurance implications, and address confidentiality worries with a mediator prior to instruction.

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