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Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are most often considered relevant in relation to employees. But how do they apply in the context of firms? In the next of our Ten-Minute Talk series, Partner and General Counsel Beth Hale and Partner Corinne Staves discuss NDAs, with a particular focus on the key issues arising in Partnerships and what firms should take into […]

  What are the different approaches taken internationally towards driving greater diversity at board level? In this recording, Emma Bartlett, Partner at CM Murray LLP (UK),  Pål Kvernaas, Partner at Haavind Law Firm (NO), Teresa L Johnson, Partner at Arnold & Porter (US), Wendi Lazar, Partner at Outten & Golden (US), and Carl-Frederik Hedenstrom, Partner at CFH (SE) explore the different […]

As the world’s biggest trial of the 4-day working week comes to an end, we discuss the key takeaways of the trial in the latest episode of our Ten-Minute Talk video series, with particular emphasis on multi-national employers and the financial sector.   In this episode, our Partner, Merrill April, and Associate, Yulia Fedorenko, discuss the following: […]

What are the latest immigration challenges and opportunities facing senior executives and employers, both in the US and UK?   In this recording, Jonathan A. Grode, Practice Director and Managing Partner at Green and Spiegel LLC (US), and Natasha Chell, Partner and Head of Risk and Compliance at Laura Devine Immigration (UK), explore developments in US and UK […]

In this recording, our expert panel explore some of the wide-ranging business and societal impact drivers for putting neurodiversity firmly at the top of companies’ agendas and the benefits that neurodiverse leaders can bring to corporate boards. Dr Nancy Doyle, Chartered Psychologist and Founder of Genius Within CIC (UK) Lori Deem, Partner at Hughes Socol Piers Resnick […]

How has #MeToo changed the landscape for Senior Executives in relation to sexual harassment and NDAs? In this recording, our expert panel discuss how far (if at all) we have come in dealing with sexual harassment cases since the #MeToo movement, what changes there have been from a legal, regulatory and cultural perspective in the […]

The guidance sets out the SRA’s revised approach to sexual misconduct cases following the High Court’s decision in Beckwith at the end of 2020, where the Court warned the SRA against being “dogmatic” and holding out solicitors as “paragons of virtue”, making clear that the SRA should only be investigating and prosecuting cases where the conduct in question realistically touches on the standing of the legal profession.

As the Conservative Party leadership race draws closer to a conclusion, we are delighted to share with you the latest episode of our Ten-Minute Talk video series, with special guest Dr Henry Marsden, Managing Partner of Professional Services Firms International, where we discuss the often fraught issues involved with leadership transition in professional services firms, and the parallels and lessons […]

In this recording, ‘Cross-Border Executive Investigations – risks, strategies and reputation management for executives involved in high profile, cross-border matters involving fraud, bribery and other alleged wrongdoing’, our expert panel highlight some of the key issues discussed at the recent 3rd IFSEA International Conference on Risk, Reward and Reputation Management Issues for Senior Executives & […]

A number of recent scandals have put the role of GCs and in-house Counsel in the spotlight, raising the difficult question as to how GCs can manage the tension between their obligations to act in the best interests of their employer and their regulatory duties. Following the recent 3rd IFSEA International Conference on Risk, Reward and […]