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Celebrating Black History Month 2021: “Proud To Be” Podcast

As we approach the end of Black History Month (“BHM”), an event that has been celebrated in the UK every October for more than 30 years, Partner Emma Bartlett and Associate Pooja Dasgupta are joined by Ida Mwangi, a participant in our most recent CM Murray Virtual Internship in this podcast, to reflect on what BHM means to them, and why it is so important to celebrate it.

In this discussion, building on this year’s BHM theme of “Proud To Be”, Partner Emma Bartlett and Associate Pooja Dasgupta are joined by Ida Mwangi, who shares her fascinating personal insights and family history, representing the importance of listening and learning from our colleagues’ and friends’ experiences, not only during Black History Month but also throughout the year.

Emma, Pooja and Ida discuss the importance of education in shaping the views of young people from as early an age as possible to encourage awareness of the challenges and achievements of those who have paved the way for equality and diversity and have fought for lasting and meaningful change.

We have set out below links to the resources mentioned on the podcast, as examples of the many resources available online discussing issues of race and inequality, and reflecting on the importance of events like BHM:

For more information on the topics covered in this recording, please contact our Partner Emma Bartlett who specialises in employment and partnership issues for multinational employers, senior executives, partnerships and partners.