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The Greater Good; How Professional Firms are Embracing B Corp Status, ESG and other Non-Profit-Making Objectives – Professional Practices Alliance Webinar

We are delighted to invite you to the Professional Practices Alliance (PPA) expert discussion, ‘The Greater Good; How Professional Firms are Embracing B Corp Status, ESG and other Non-Profit-Making Objectives’. Our panel of expert speakers will discuss the following issues:

  • What is B Corp status, and how does this relate to other initiatives that encourage inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economies. 
  • How are regulatory trends related to ESG (including reporting) relevant to B Corp status?  
  • Are professional firms in the UK adopting B Corp status?
  • What formal steps are needed to adopt B Corp status?
  • Beyond the technical requirements, what wider changes can the firm take to actively promote B Corp objectives, including recruiting and retaining talent?
  • Unpacking each of the E, S and G of ESG, what are the key strategic issues that B Corp status helps manage in “typical” professional practice partnerships?
  • Do clients care? How does demonstrating high social and environmental performance build better client relationships and help develop better business?

Date: Wednesday, 20 July 2022
Time:  9.30 am – 10.30 am BST

Guest speaker:

Dr John Henry Looney, Visiting Professor in Sustainable Energy Systems and Techniques at University of Lincoln and Managing Director at Sustainable Direction Ltd – Sustainability Management specialist

PPA Speakers:

Corinne StavesPartner and Head of Professional Practices, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP – Partnership and LLP law specialist

Emma Bartlett, Partner and D&I Lead, CM Murray LLP  – Employment and Partnership law specialist


Robert Millard, Director, Cambridge Strategy Group – Law Firm Strategy and Sustainability Advisor

Should you have any questions that you would like to be put to the speakers, please email Robert Millard.

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