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Key Trends in International Law Firm Expansion: Podcast

We are delighted to present this podcast focusing on trends in international law firm expansion, with Partners Corinne Staves and Zulon Begum and special guest, Robert Bata, Founder and Principal of WarwickPlace Legal.

In this detailed Q&A led by Corinne, with leading experts Robert and Zulon, the fascinating and wide-ranging discussion covers (among other things):

  • Recent trends in law firm international expansion
  • Liberalisation and opportunities in the Indian market
  • The continuing rise of Singapore and the continued relevance of Hong Kong 
  • Post-Brexit significance of London and Dublin
  • Cultural alignment and the integration of new jurisdictions into an existing legal and cultural framework

Robert Bata is the Founder and a Principal at WarwickPlace Legal, a consultancy focused exclusively on formulating and implementing cross border expansion strategies for leading law firms. Robert practised M&A law with prominent US and European law firms, as well serving in law firm management capacities and lecturing regularly on these topics.
Zulon Begum is a specialist professional practices lawyer with extensive expertise in international law firm structures, governance and transactions. She serves on the Law Firm Management Committee of the International Bar Association.
Corinne Staves also advises law firms and professional services firms on a range of issues, including launches, partner moves, governance, profit sharing and mergers. She is a former Chair of the Association of Partnership Practitioners.