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Partner Contribution – The Ramifications of External Investment on Traditional Partner Reward Structures

We are pleased to share with you the recording of our recent Professional Practices Alliance (PPA) live panel discussion on “Partner Contribution – The Ramifications of External Investment on Traditional Partner Reward Structures”.

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The partnership model is proven to be effective in generating cash and reward for partners of professional practices but is the partnership model attractive for external investors and how will partner reward structures be impacted by external investment?

In this session, our PPA experts and guest speaker discuss:

  • The benefits of the partnership model
  • How partnerships can facilitate fair reward structures
  • The different types of business models we see now
  • Identifying the right time to go down the external investment route
  • The pros and cons of employee ownership
  • Other forms of external ownership and how investors measure their rate of return

John Aldred (Barclays) joins the PPA panel to provide the bank’s view when it comes to attracting finance from external investors.

PPA Speakers:

Matthew Katz, Buzzacott LLP – Partner and Head of Corporate Finance
David Shufflebotham, PEP Up Consulting – Partner Remuneration specialist
Robert Millard, Cambridge Strategy –  Law Firm Management Consultant
Zulon Begum, CM Murray LLP –  Partnership Law & M&A specialist

Guest Speaker:

John Aldred, Barclays – Industry Director of Business and Professional Services


Claire Watkins, Buzzacott LLP – Head of Professional Practices Group

For more information on the topics covered in this recording, please contact Partner Zulon Begum.