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Personal De-risking for Senior Executives and Founders from a Legal, Regulatory, Wealth Management and Reputational Perspective

This short (10-minute) podcast brings you highlights from a panel of leading international legal, regulatory and wealth management experts, from Switzerland and the UK, who discuss Personal De-risking for Senior Executives and Founders, including in relation to their directorship roles and risks; planning of their personal and business interests in the event of serious ill-health; personal tax and succession planning; and managing personal investments to avoid reputational harm. 

It was recorded in February 2020 at the International Conference on Risk, Reward and Reputation Management Issues for Senior Executives and Founders in London, organised by the International Forum of Senior Executive Advisers (IFSEA)

In this podcast, panel moderator Corinne Staves (Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP, UK) and panellists Dr. Lucy Gordon (MME Legal, Switzerland), Laurence Winston (Crowell & Moring LLP, UK) and Nick Blogg (LGT Vestra LLP, UK) discuss the high-level issues faced by senior executives and founders in relation to planning, insurances, lasting powers of attorney, wills and managing risk associated with secondary roles, such as charity trusteeships, including:

  • The importance of analysing, understanding and planning for the personal risks faced by international senior executives and founders in their business lives.
  • What steps can international senior executives and founders take to avoid these risks, put controls in place or mitigate their impact, including D&O insurance, its coverage and limitations?
  • What questions are these individuals and their loved ones failing to ask themselves and their advisers to manage risks in their personal lives?
  • On a cheery final note: We’re all going to die. What should senior executives and founders be doing about it?

For further information on any of the issues discussed in this podcast, please contact a member of the CM Murray team. To find out more about IFSEA or to become a member, click here.