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In this article, first published in The Global Legal Post, our Partner, Andrew Pavlovic, Managing Partner, Clare Murray, and Senior Associate, Pooja Dasgupta, discuss the potential legal and regulatory risks of partner age discrimination for professional services firms along with some practical tips on how firms can help to promote and maintain a positive and inclusive culture for older partners.

In this article, first published by Accountancy Age, our regulatory and professional discipline partner, Andrew Pavlovic, shares insights on KPMG’s tribunal hearing, shedding light on the regulatory implications for the firm and individuals involved.

This article first appeared in Employment Law Journal in November 2021 Efforts made to reach a compromise position and to consider individual circumstances will help employers demonstrate that they have acted proportionately and will help to justify the chosen work pattern. Partner and General Counsel Beth Hale and Naomi Latham explore six cases which highlight […]

It is vital to the ongoing success of professional services firms that partner performance is actively and effectively monitored and managed. Getting it right is likely to lead to increased partner satisfaction, retention levels and firm profitability. Getting it wrong could give rise to disgruntled partners, avoidable departures, exposure to the risk of claims and […]

Our Associate, Pooja Dasgupta, explores the legal duties owed by employers to their employees in managing the potential risks associated with returning to the office, and how they can best mitigate these risks, in this article first published by Governance and Compliance Magazine.

In this article, published by Law360, Partner David Fisher and Associate Pooja Dasgupta revisit the key principles of the restraint of trade doctrine in Harcus Sinclair LLP v Your Lawyers Ltd. to consider the notable legal developments in this context, and the implications of the UK Supreme Court’s ruling on the doctrine, its third in three years.

In this article, recently published in The Global Legal Post, Partner Emma Bartlett and Senior Associate Wonu Sanda discuss the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce and what firms can do to achieve it.

With a return to the office on the horizon, commentators and academics are warning businesses to be prepared for a rise in misconduct and harassment issues. Here, we offer our best practice steps for law firms and partners to mitigate against an increase in such behaviour. A fifth of lawyers in the UK claimed to […]

The #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements have brought into sharp focus the prevalence of misconduct allegations against partners in the professional services sectors.

As the usual punctuation of our everyday lives has changed, without the commas and full stops that a daily commute and holidays normally bring, law firms need to consider how best to protect lawyers’ wellbeing. The legal sector can be a stressful fast-paced world, with challenging billable hours targets, with little time to decompress or […]