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The UK is facing a period of considerable economic uncertainty. Compared to the past decade, everyone is feeling the effects of increased living costs, high inflation, high interest rates and a recession is on the way, if it is not already here. In this article, first published in IFA Magazine, Partner Corinne Staves considers how wealth management firms […]

Senior Executives on the move are understandably very focused on their new opportunity, and primarily on the terms of their new service agreement (and you can see some tips on this in our Little Book of Senior Executives Appointments & Agreements.)   But often in practice the other crucial issues be forgotten or left to the […]

In our latest alert, Senior Partner Sarah Chilton and Associate Naomi Latham set out some frequently asked questions and answers about employee rights to return after maternity leave and entitlements to time off in certain circumstances. It is important to note that the points discussed in this alert apply to employees and do not go […]

These are the top 15 practical things that – in our experience – partners in law firms can do to protect themselves against allegations of sexual misconduct, and the internal and regulatory investigations, and potential harm to their reputation, career, family life, and more, that can result. This follows the SRA’s recently published Guidance on […]

Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) have a wide range of uses and occur in a range of structures. In this article, Partner  Corinne Staves explores these business forms and their uses, with a focus on families, financial services and in the professional practices world (including internationally). A wise corporate lawyer once introduced […]

How successfully an employer manages hybrid working going forward, at a time when skills are in short supply, will be core to attracting skilled talent. In this article, Partners Emma Bartlett and Andrew Pavlovic consider what employees appear to be expecting, whether such expectations are both realistic and sustainable, and how employers can manage those […]

Just over a century ago, at the end of the first Word War and following the foundation of the International Labour Organisation, the average work week for industrial workers in the UK was reduced from 100 hours to 48 hours. At that time, some form of 8 hours per day standard was adopted widely across Europe, […]

In this article, recently published in the New Law Journal, our regulatory and professional discipline partner, Andrew Pavlovic, considers the issues raised by the SRA’s current focus on workplace culture, looking at both the guidance/thematic Review on workplace environments and the consultation on health and wellbeing at work, and what this focus on culture means for firms.

In this article, first published in The Law Society Gazette, our partner, Merrill April, discusses the need for a Whistleblowing Bill and greater protection for whistleblowers in the UK employment arena.

In this article, first published in The Global Legal Post, our Partner, Andrew Pavlovic, Managing Partner, Clare Murray, and Senior Associate, Pooja Dasgupta, discuss the potential legal and regulatory risks of partner age discrimination for professional services firms along with some practical tips on how firms can help to promote and maintain a positive and inclusive culture for older partners.