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Cyber Security, Monitoring and Remote Working – An In-house Perspective – Innangard Virtual Conference 2021 Podcast

Cybersecurity expert Chris van Schijndel of Johnson & Johnson (USA) discussed how organisations should engage board directors to plan a strategy to prevent cyber attacks, data leaks and scams as the success of any strategy requires involvement from top leadership.

Sheridan Mather of BBVA (UK) shared some of the HR and regulatory challenges and initiatives implemented to adapt to remote working including some innovative ways of keeping teams connected.

Nadine Zacks of Hicks Morley (Canada) and Dr Stephan Pötters of Seitz (Germany), the German Innangard member firm, discussed some of the trends in their jurisdictions and discussed employers’ obligations to ensure the health and safety of their workers.

Sadly, the panel was almost unanimous in predicting that we are unlikely to all be working as ‘digital nomads’ in exotic locations around the world just yet due the complexities of compliance,  tax, employment law and immigration issues that make it difficult for such arrangements to work effectively for both employers and employees.

This session was chaired by Pia Sanchez of CM Murray LLP, the UK Innangard member firm.


  • Chris van Schijndel, Director of Cybersecurity, Johnson & Johnson, USA
  • Sheridan Mather, Head of Talent and Culture Europe, Russia and Middle East, BBVA, UK
  • Dr Stephan Pötters, Attorney at law, Counsel, Seitz Partners, Germany
  • Nadine Zacks, Partner, Hicks Morley, Canada
  • Pia Sanchez, Senior Consultant, CM Murray LLP, UK (Chair)

This session formed part of the The World of Work: The Great Reset 2021, Innangard’s first virtual conference held on 24 and 25 March 2021. The conference brought together six international panels of distinguished speakers including leading scientists, politicians, in-house professionals and global HR and employment law experts, to share insights and discuss how the world of work and their organisations have adapted and will develop in 2021 and beyond.

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