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Ethical Handling of Executive Investigations: IFSEA Post-conference Podcast Recording

Following the recent 4th IFSEA International Conference on Risk, Reward and Reputation Management Issues for Senior Executives & Founders, we are delighted to share with you a follow up podcast on the opening plenary session, ‘Ethical Handling of Executive Investigations.’ 

In this lively and insightful discussion between the IFSEA annual conference panellists, this brilliant panel explore different approaches to ensure the ethical handling of executive investigations:

Beth Hale, CM Murray LLP, UK 
Lindsey Wagner, Moxie Mediation & Workplace Investigations, California, USA
Carol Davis KCLittleton Chambers, UK 
Meriel Schindler, Withers, UK 
Kristen Prinz, The Prinz Law Firm, Chicago, USA

In particular, the panel discuss: 

  • Common challenges seen in executive investigations, including:  

  1. The personal nature of the allegation. 

  2. Delays with informing the accused about the investigation. 

  3. Misunderstanding of confidentiality parameters.

  4. Effects on the mental health of those involved.

  5. Managing the risk of retaliation.  

  • External v internal investigators: What are the pros and cons of using an external investigator as opposed to investigating allegations internally. 

  • When is it appropriate to suspend during an investigation procedure and what are the alternatives to suspension?

  • How much, if any, evidence is disclosed to the accused ahead of the interview process? 

    We also thank Claire Cross of Corker Binning (UK), who was unable to join the podcast, but attended as a panellist on the day of the conference and provided excellent insights.