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How Do You Change Your Employees’ Terms And Conditions Of Employment?

In an economic downturn, difficult decisions need to be taken in relation to what is to many employers their biggest, and most costly, resource: people. Many employers are seeking to impose variations to their employees’ contracts by way of reduced hours and pay, or furloughing them under the UK Government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Whatever type of change to the terms and conditions of an employees’ employment an employer is making, it will likely require the agreement of the employee or else it may be invalid and could expose the employer to a number of claims from their employees.

In this short podcast, partners David Fisher and Sarah Chilton explore how employers should go about securing the agreement of their employees, the steps which should take place during a consultation process, on both an individual and collective level, and the risks of failing to carry out adequate consultation.

Please feel free to share the podcast with others who may find it helpful. If you would like to discuss changing the terms and conditions in your organisation, please contact David Fisher or Sarah Chilton.