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How to Navigate the Storm – Dealing with Investigations against Senior Executives and Founders – IFSEA 2021 Virtual Conference Video

The tenth session was a really interesting and lively discussion about the processes, practices and common pitfalls surrounding civil and criminal investigations into Senior Executives and Founders, with perspectives from the US, UK, France and The Netherlands. Some of the key takeaways from the session included:

  1. In the UK, the scope for legal representation at interview is very limited. There is an obvious imbalance of power, but there is also potential unfairness in what might be an inexperienced employer having to deal with a slick lawyer manipulating the process for the accused.
  2. Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance at interview.
  3. The accused can remain silent at interview. In France, tactics aside, the interviewee must be reminded of their right to remain silent and that no disciplinary measure can be taken against them for this reason.
  4. Employment comes and goes; professional reputation, regulation and personal liberty should determine a Senior Executive’s approach.
  5. Senior Executives should make an effort to understand the resources they may need to draw on in advance, rather than at the time of crisis.

Thank you again to our expert panel of speakers for a superb session:

Martin Auerbach, Of Counsel, Withersworldwide (New York, USA)
Jonathan Cohen QC, Littleton Chambers (UK)
Angéline Duffour, Partner, Cohen & Gresser LLP (France)
Martijn Van Hall, Managing Partner, Van Hall Advocaten (The Netherlands)
Ross Dixon, Partner, Hickman & Rose LLP (UK) (Co-chair)
Beth Hale, Partner and General Counsel, CM Murray LLP (UK) (Co-chair)

The second International Forum of Senior Executives and Founders (IFSEA) Conference on Risk, Reward and Reputation Management Issues for Senior Executives & Founders was held virtually from Tuesday, 2 February – Tuesday, 16 March 2021. This unique specialist conference ran as a series of virtual international expert panels and two networking events per week, bringing together  over 65 leading global experts from 13 countries around the world to discuss issues commonly faced by international Senior Executives and Founders, particularly during these times of global crisis, disruption and opportunity.

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