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Law Firm Founder Conversations Podcast: Joydeep Hor, Founder of People + Culture Strategies, Sydney, Australia

We are delighted to share the second in our Law Firm Founder Conversations podcast series, in which our Managing Partner Clare Murray discusses all things Law Firm Founder with Joydeep Hor, Founder and Managing Principal of leading Australian employment law firm and management consulting business, People + Culture Strategies (PCS).

PCS is a trusted adviser to Australian and international employers of all sizes and across all industries, advising on employment law as well as HR strategy and training on workplace issues.

Listen to a short audio preview here

As a graduate of the Harvard Owner President Management Program, Joydeep Hor of PCS is a deep thinker on business issues affecting law firm founders. In this podcast, Clare and Joydeep explore a wide range of strategic issues, practical experiences and personal challenges and highlights in setting up and building a thriving law firm from the ground up, including:

  • What are the qualities and skills that make for a successful law firm founder? (@1:13 mins)
  • Leadership as a founder: Balancing the challenges and opportunities of being the founder as well as a leader (@5:05 mins)
  • How to fail: Learning to embrace your mistakes and recover from them (11:58 mins)
  • The quest for maturity as a founder and business owner over the years (15:20 mins)
  • What to consider when contemplating office expansion, both domestically and internationally, and the importance of founder brand when establishing a new office (17:00 mins)
  • Do business management programmes make a difference when setting up and growing your law firm? (20:30 mins)
  • The challenges for law firm founders of balancing working ‘in the business’ vs ‘on the business’ (23:55 mins)
  • How to encourage lawyers from under-represented backgrounds to set up their own law firms (29:30 mins)
  • Financial prudence and the misperceptions around funding a start-up firm (32:40 mins)
  • It’s good to talk: The vital importance of sharing experiences, issues and strategy with other founders (34:50 mins)
  • Creating a legacy: An unnecessary added burden for founders? (37:30 mins)

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