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Managing Employee Risks and Supporting Colleagues’ Families in the Age of Covid

We are delighted to bring you this recording of a discussion between members of our Employment Law team on Managing Employee Risks and Supporting Colleagues’ Families in the Age of Covid.

Many businesses will be thinking about how they may best protect and support the diverse health and wellbeing needs of their staff, including BAME workers, during the coronavirus pandemic. This will inevitably necessitate a tailored consideration of the various legal risks, individual risk profiles of staff, and financial and practical constraints within each employer. Against this background, in this short podcast we address some of the pressing considerations with which employers should be engaging, including:

1. How should employers properly assess the risks posed by Covid to their workforces, taking into account the individual risk factors of each employee, including the heightened risk for black and ethnic minority workers?

2. What risks do employers face in respect of claims brought by employees who contract Covid?

3. What can employers offer bereaved families where employees have died after contracting Covid, financially and otherwise?


Sarah Chilton – Partner (Employment Law specialist)
Wonu Sanda – Associate and Solicitor Advocate (Employment Law specialist)
George Pizzey – Trainee Solicitor

If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this podcast recording further, or for guidance on your specific rights, responsibilities and potential liabilities, please contact our Partner Sarah Chilton or our Associate Wonu Sanda, both of whom specialise in employment law issues for multi-national employers, senior executives, firms and partners.