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Navigating Law Firm Consolidation, Globalization and Market Trends – GMT: The Podcast for Globally Minded Law Firm Leaders

Non-contentious partnership law specialist Zulon Begum, Partner at CM Murray LLP, recently joined Robert Bata, Founder and Principal of WarwickPlace Legal, LLC and Murray Coffey, Founder of M Coffey LLC, for their podcast GMT: The Podcast For Globally Minded Law Firm Leaders, to discuss law firm mergers, international expansion and provide an overview of recent market trends.

In this podcast episode, Zulon, Robert and Murray discuss:

  • A&O and Shearman & Stirling: what impact will this game changing merger have on the legal market?
  • The importance of controlling communications and the narrative around a merger
  • Law firm global expansion and the challenges and opportunities for international firms
  • Whether independent national law firms will need to re-think their strategy in an increasingly consolidated global legal services market
  • Analysis of recent global market trends, including India’s opening up to foreign law firms 

If you are a partnership or LLP and are considering a merger and would like to find out about how we can support you through the process, or if you have any other questions arising from this podcast, please contact non-contentious partnership law specialist, Zulon Begum.

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Key Considerations for a Successful Law Firm Merger: