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Q&A: COVID-19 Employment Law, Tax and ENI with Guest Contributors Smith & Williamson LLP

In this podcast, CM Murray LLP Partners Sarah Chilton and Beth Hale, and John Manis, Tax Director of leading accountancy and investment firm Smith & Williamson LLP, co-host a live Q&A session on the employment and tax details and practicalities of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, and the key issues surrounding individual and collective redundancies, including:

1. Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme:
  • Is pay gross or net for the job retention scheme?
  • What about employers’ National Insurance Contributions?
  • Do you have to consult collectively to implement it?
  • What documentation do you need to furlough staff?
  • What happens with statutory maternity leave and pay?
  • How does furlough work with employees on sick leave?
  • What are the key employment and tax/national insurance risks employers need to bear in mind?
2. Key issues on individual and collective redundancies, including:
  • What consultation looks like
  • What do employees need to be told and when?
  • Whether the “special circumstances” defence could apply in collective consultations
  • How quickly can consultation be done?

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