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Senior Executives, Sexual Harassment and NDAs: IFSEA Post-conference Podcast Recording

How has #MeToo changed the landscape for Senior Executives in relation to sexual harassment and NDAs?

In this recording, our expert panel discuss how far (if at all) we have come in dealing with sexual harassment cases since the #MeToo movement, what changes there have been from a legal, regulatory and cultural perspective in the various jurisdictions and how those changes may have driven – and continue to drive – increased transparency, accountability and prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

In particular, the panel discuss:

  • Whether workplace culture has changed post #MeToo in various jurisdictions through increase in allegations, amendments to internal policies and practices, or an increase in behaviours being challenged.
  • The crossover between workplace and criminal investigations and points to consider for senior executives commencing or managing an investigation.
  • The current position and impact of NDAs in various jurisdictions.
  • Whether there is a positive obligation on companies/firms or their senior management to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, including a discussion around regulatory and reporting obligations on individual senior executives.

Watch the video above or listen to the podcast here.

We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring this topic and thank our expert panel for their insightful contributions both during the live session and on this podcast.

If you have any questions regarding the issues raised in this podcast recording, please contact Partner Beth Hale, who specialises in partnership and employment law.