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What Do Next Generation Lawyers Want? We Asked Them: Ten-Minute Talk

Law firms want and need to attract and retain the best future talent. Law firm leaders rightly therefore devote time to considering how to do this, and how to appeal to those future lawyers. Firms often have to speculate about what the next generation of lawyers want.

We have been lucky enough to be joined for our virtual interns programme (VIP) by some really impressive future lawyers. We seized the opportunity to ask them what drives them, the factors that influence their career decisions and their long-term ambitions. Three of our VIPs, Kelvin AkhigbeEleanor Wallace and Ayeda Majidkindly participated in this recording to explore these questions. Their contributions were articulate, informed and insightful. The future is bright.
This is essential listening for law firm partners and recruitment professionals.

In this interactive discussion, facilitated by CM Murray Partner Corinne Staves, a wide range of issues are covered, including:

  • The importance of firm culture: both to draw in good candidates and to foster a strong sense of belonging.
  • In-person versus remote working arrangements.
  • Whether or not the next generation aspire to become law firm partners.
  • The significance of technology and AI to the next generation of lawyers.
  • How to reach and appeal to potential candidates.
  • Advice for law firm managing partners.