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What is micro-activism & how can it impact the workplace, employer rights & the rights of workers? – Ten-Minute Talk

Following the Government’s recent proposal to introduce an amendment to the Public Order Bill, which would see the rights of police extended to enable them to stop protests before they become disruptive, Partner and General Counsel Beth Hale and Partner Emma Bartlett discuss micro-activism in the workplace and its impact on rights for both the worker and employer. In particular:

  • Whether micro-activism based on a ‘belief’ affords protection for workers under the Equality Act 2010 from unlawful discrimination;
  • What employers can do or should think about if they become aware that a worker is a micro-activist; and
  • At what point does micro-activism by workers become an issue for the employer?

For more information on any of the issues discussed in this video, please contact Partner and General Counsel Beth Hale or Partner Emma Bartlett.