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New SRA Rules on Unfair Treatment and Challenging Behaviour – What Firms and Partners Need to Know – Webinar Recording

We are delighted to share with you the recording of the recent webinar “New SRA Rules on Unfair Treatment and Challenging Behaviour – What Firms and Partners Need to Know”, in which our expert panel discuss the new SRA rules on unfair treatment and challenging behaviour.

In this webinar, you can hear from guest speaker, Adam Tolley KC (Fountain Court Chambers), chair Beth Hale (CM Murray LLP), and speakers Sarah Chilton (CM Murray LLP) and Andrew Pavlovic (CM Murray LLP) as they discuss the following: 

  • The background to the new rules and how they form part of the SRA’s on-going campaign to address toxic working environments in law firms. 
  • How to distinguish between unfair treatment in a regulatory context and unfair treatment in an employment context. 
  • What constitutes “challenging behaviours” in practice and what factors need to be considered when determining whether behaviour needs to be challenged at all, and if so, whether it should be challenged in the moment or after the event.  
  • The interaction between the requirement to challenge unfair treatment/behaviour and the existing self reporting obligations. 
  • How firms record challenges to behaviour and the risks that arise from record keeping – should there be a process for a subject of a challenge to be able to ‘challenge the challenge’?
  • How can a firm demonstrate compliance with the new rules in practice, through policies, training, and the proper and fair investigations of complaints.  

If you would like to discuss any of the above issues in further detail, please contact Partner, Andrew Pavlovic, who specialises in regulatory law for firms and partners.