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The Lawdown Episode 11: Privacy Orders in the Tribunal, Bankers, Restrictive Covenants and Trump’s Tweets

In this episode we discuss Mr X the millionaire businessman who sought a restricted reporting order from the Employment Tribunal to keep his identity secret; we talk about what employees can do if a job offer is withdrawn before the employee has even started, which recently happened to a highly paid banker who is now reportedly suing the bank; in geek moment of the episode, we update you on the first post employment restrictive covenant case to get to the Supreme Court in over a century – Tillman v Egon Zehnder and finally in a twist to tweet of the week, we talk about Trump’s recent tweets – not our favourite of the week but worthy of mention all the same.  We hope you enjoy it! For more information on any topics discussed or to suggest a story for us to cover please email us at info@cm-murray.com.