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The Rise and Demise of the Non-Compete? – IFSEA Webinar Recording

We are delighted to share with you the recording of the recent IFSEA webinar, ‘The Rise and Demise of the Non-Compete?’

In this webinar, chaired by Mark Risk of Mark Risk PCDean M. Harvey (Partner at Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein LLP), James Hockin (Senior Associate at Withers),  Danny Kaufer (Senior Counsel & Co-Chair, Sports Law & Gaming Group at BLG), Dr. Johannes Traut (Partner at Seitz) and Cody Yorke (Partner at Outten & Golden) discuss the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed ban on non-competition covenants in employment agreements. In particular, the panel discuss: 

  • The details of the FTC proposal, exploring its broad scope, exemptions, and potential legal ramifications of misclassifications under the exemptions. 
  • Whether the FTC proposal can be challenged and, if so, on what grounds. 
  • How other jurisdictions which have already banned non-competition clauses have fared in balancing the protections for businesses (including their confidential information) and their departing senior executives and founders.
  • The initial perception of the proposal by the FTC from the perspective of senior executives and whether other jurisdictions will follow suite after the FTC ruling.
If you would like to discuss non-competition clauses further or have any questions arising from this recording, please contact Clare MurrayDavid Fisher or Merrill April.