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What are the Key Employment, Personal Injury, Health & Safety, and Whistleblowing Issues to Consider for Staff Returning to Work After Lockdown?

In this live Q&A session, our partners Merrill April, Sarah Chilton and Beth Hale (experts in employment and partnership disputes) are joined by Catherine Foster of Crown Office Chambers (a barrister specialising in various niche areas of personal injury and disease litigation) to answer the following questions to help employers, in-house counsel and HR professionals to support the safe and structured return to work of their staff and deal with the practical implications and issues in maintaining a safe working environment:

1. What can employers expect their employees to do when they return to work?

2. What are the key health and safety and whistleblowing issues.

3. What are employers’ duties in relation to health and safety arrangements and provision of equipment, including PPE?

4. What are the legal risks of exposing employees to dangerous environments and failing to take adequate safety precautions?

5. How should employers best encourage compliance with safety measures in the workplace?

6. What are the data privacy issues relating to health data of employees, including whether you can ask an employee to submit to a temperature check or a COVID-19 test?

For more information on the topics covered in this podcast, please contact our Partners Merrill April, Sarah Chilton or Beth Hale, who all specialise in employment and partnership disputes.