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We advise partners and LLP members on allegations of misconduct or underperformance. For many such partners, there will be no prior indication of any concerns or issues about their performance or conduct and this can be a cause of great stress and anxiety to them.  We advise our clients on the legal and tactical handling and response to such allegations, and on the range of commercial outcomes potentially available to them.

Many such disputes will be cross-border and we have extensive experience in working with overseas lawyers who are experts in advising partners and LLP members on performance and conduct issues in their jurisdiction.

We have vast experience in assisting such partners in negotiating their exit on a confidential and amicable basis.

Contact Clare Murray for more information.

  • Advised a a partner in the Paris office of a global firm (with an English law LLP Agreement) on his proposed expulsion and negotiated exit from the firm.
  • Advised a US attorney partner working in London for a leading US law firm, who was being threatened with expulsion for behavioural and performance reasons; also advised on his negotiated exit.
  • Advised a high-profile senior equity partner threatened with expulsion in relation to alleged conduct and bullying issues, and their negotiated exit.