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author: Emma Bartlett


Neurodiversity in Professional Service Firms Leadership – Professional Practices Alliance Webinar, 16 June 2021, 9.30 am – 10.30 am BST

Whistleblowing appears to have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. Protect, the UK whistleblowing charity, reported a 20% increase in calls to their advice line during 2020, with cases in June 2020 up 74% on June 2019 with many COVID-19-related concerns.

Now more than ever, the modern law firm needs lawyers who are problem solvers, lateral and innovative thinkers, strategy creators and trouble shooters to be able to maintain a sustainable business model in our ultra-competitive global market. These skills are often highly prevalent in individuals who may be described as “neurodivergent”. This is an umbrella […]

The twelfth session was an informative and constructive conversation about handling Senior Executive and Founder dismissals, specifically addressing the employment, directorship and equity considerations for exiting international executives, with perspectives from Australia, China, Switzerland and the UK.

In 2003, the International Labour Organisation (“ILO”) began to observe ‘World Day for Safety and Health at Work’ in order to stress the prevention of accidents and diseases at work, capitalising on the ILO’s traditional strengths of tripartism and social dialogue. This celebration is an integral part of the ILO’s ‘Global Strategy on Occupational Safety […]

Since gender pay gap reporting became mandatory for large employers in 2017, the average GPG for full time employees has marginally reduced year on year from 18.4% to an estimated 15.5% in 2020.

Presenteeism, which is coming into work when unwell, has grown in notoriety over the last twenty years, particularly in organisations where long working hours is the norm.


We are are pleased to share with you the recording of the Professional Practices Alliance expert panel discussion on ‘Measuring and Driving Diversity and Inclusion in Professional Services Firms’.

To coincide with International Women’s Day 2021, CM Murray LLP has joined together to pledge our support for the #ChooseToChallenge campaign, which reminds us that each of us are the most effective ambassadors for change and that we can use this opportunity to call out gender bias and inequality. This is also a chance to […]


Measuring and Driving Diversity and Inclusion in Professional Services Firms: Professional Practices Alliance Expert Discussion – Wednesday, 24 February 2021 – 9.30 – 10.30am GMT