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From “King of the Losers” to King of the Winners – Law Firm Founder Conversations Podcast: Martyn Day, Co-Founder of Leigh Day

In this episode of our Law Firm Founder Conversations podcast series, our Managing Partner Clare Murray discusses all things law firm founder with Martyn Day, Co-Founder and Senior Partner of Leigh Day

Their podcast chat covers Martyn’s inspiring 35+ years’ experience of setting up and building a market-leading consumer law firm, with over 750 members of staff, focusing on individuals in the UK and across the globe, who have been injured, discriminated against or had their human rights abused. Martyn shares some of his experiences and the key founder lessons that he learnt along the way, to encourage others to take the plunge too:

  • The highlights, challenges and turning points in founding and building Leigh Day
  • The common founder feeling of being “unemployable” 
  • Moving from “King of the Losers” to King of the Winners
  • The transformative impact of external litigation funding on law firm finances and risk
  • Is setting up and owning a firm for everyone?
  • Responding to SRA regulatory challenges and taking a robust approach to unfair accusations
  • The importance of getting insured – securing D&O cover for law firm partners
  • Legacy – should founders worry about it or just enjoy what they’re doing today?
  • Creating an institutional law firm brand and sense of purpose
  • Keeping the long-term love going for your business and what you are doing.

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