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The SRA Obligation to Challenge Behaviour – Who does it apply to and how can it be done in practice? – Ten-Minute Talk

One of the most discussed aspects of the SRA’s new rule changes on health and well being at work is the requirement on managers to challenge unfair/discriminatory behaviour.

In this Ten-Minute Talk, our Regulatory and Professional Discipline Partner, Andrew Pavlovic, and Managing Partner, Clare Murray, discuss the following issues raised by the new rule changes, including:

  1. Who is required to challenge unfair behaviour
  2. How can this be done in practice
  3. How the new obligation to challenge relates to historical allegations or findings
  4. What firms can do to encourage the challenging of behaviour through training and policies
  5. How firms can document/demonstrate compliance

The issues are considered further in this news alert.

If you have any questions arising from this video, or you would like to discuss any issues relating to SRA investigations and regulation, please contact our Partner Andrew Pavlovic, who specialises in regulatory and professional discipline law, or our Managing Partner Clare Murray, who specialises in partnership and employment law.